Cremation Options

Cremation offers you many options.  Most people are unaware of the options available to those preferring cremation.  Choice in types of Gatherings, Choice in Final Disposition, Choice in Memorialization.

Choice in types of Gatherings

Choice in types of Gatherings

- Cremation followed by a memorial service

- Funeral service with cremation following

- Immediate cremation only

Cremation followed by a memorial service:  The memorial service is a gathering which is different from a funeral in that the body is not present.  Most often the cremated remains are present during the service in an urn.  Urns come in many  styles and shapes allowing you to find something reflective of their lifestyle, faith, or beliefs.

Funeral service followed by cremation:  Probably the biggest misconception about cremation is that there can be no funeral if cremation is chosen.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  A funeral service means the body is present prior to cremation which allows family and friends the time to see the person again which helps with grief and closure.

Immediate cremation:  An option for people who prefer not to have any service or gathering.

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